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Q: What should I do, if I want to contribute to Ylands WIKI?

Q: Are there any strict rules considering the WIKI?

  • Do not move or rename pages or modify wiki structure in any way! Links to Game logic pages and Script tile pages are embedded in the game and they will stop working if they will lead to nonexistent pages.

Q: Are there any guidelines when adding content to WIKI?

  • Any useful modifications and improvements to wiki are welcome, but please bear mind previous rule and try to add only things truly beneficial to whole wiki.
  • When adding / modifying already existing pages, please have look how the other pages are made:
    • Pay attention to the bottom of the page source, where templates, categories and sorting is defined -> copy/paste those in your new page.
    • Do not forget to set appropriate categories and DEFAULTSORT tag.

Q: I am new to this whole WIKI thing. How do I start?

  • Adding to wiki is actually quite simple. Best is to start with coping the source of similar page.
  • There is also extensive documentation, so this is a good place to start.

Thank you for your contribution!

- Ylands team :)