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A "black box" that contains other game logics and scripts. It helps organize the game logics and can be used to easily share them in a composition for other creators. It can also be used to hide the scripting to prevent idea theft, but still allow the composition to function.




The eyedropper can be used to select game logics to add to the Script Module or the creator can right-click on a game logic icon to add it to a Script Module.

The majority of game logics can be added to a Script Module, with the exception of game logics that require a defined position to function properly.

Can Be Added to a Script Module Cannot Be Added to a Script Module


The creator can uncheck any game logics that should not be made public (to protect the creator's work).


Once the scripts are complete, the Script Module Source can be finalized using the Export button below the Add Script button. This creates a finalized Script Module game logic next to the Script Module Source. The original Script Module Source and contained game logics can be deleted, since the information is contained within the Script Module. The scripting within cannot be modified after exporting.


  • Referenced entities should be removed from the scripting and replaced with variables that are shown in the object properties window. The creator can then assign the entities to the custom parameters list in the game logic properties window.
  • A Script Module without game logics cannot be exported, even if it has scripting.
  • Exporting the Script Module Source again will overwrite the corresponding Script Module, rather than making a second Script Module.
  • The creator can access the instructions in a Script Module just like the instructions from a Entity Storage or Global Storage.
  • The creator can use the eyedropper on game logics within the Script Module by using the eyedropper on the Script Module icon, then selecting the correct one from a list of the contained game logics. This can also be used to add game logics within a Script Module to a second Script Module Source.

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