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This Game Logic serves as a customizable light source.



Enables animation of the light, either by Position animator, Rotation animator or related scripting tiles. For more information about animation in Ylands editor, check Animated object page.


Enables or disables the game logic.


Point Light

Illuminates given space in a radius, defined by the Radius slider (values 0-30).

Spot Light

Illuminates space in a set range (values 0-100) and angle (values 0-179).


Color of the light source.


Intensity slider affects the strength of the light source.

Cast shadows

If checked, entities present in the light cast by this game logic will cast shadow in the opposite direction of the light source.


Light sources are generally resource taxing and so they should be used sparingly in any given scene. For this reason, it is not possible to select Light in a Game Logic Template.

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