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  • Game logic used to set up player resources(mana, stamina, etc.)for use with skills and other feaures
  • You can assign these resources to player roles. Each player role can have a maximum of 4 resources assigned


Default value

  • Default value of resource set up when resource is assigned to player

Max Value

  • Maximum value that the resource can have
  • Max value can be changed via visual scripting if the box is checked


  • How much of resource is automatically regenerated per second
  • Only accepts whole numbers

Show bar

  • Sets if the resource bar should be visible on screen or not


  • Set up in which order the resource bars appear on screen. (Priority 1 appears before priority 2)


  • Set up visual representation of the resource that shows up in the bar

Show text values

  • Check if you want resource values shown as written text inside the resource bar


  • Text types - choose between several ways of the text being displayed
  • Text Color - choose color of the text displayed