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Entity label is a collection of entities. Entities can be easily added or removed from a label, either by editing the label properties or trough visual scripting instructions. It is possible to check whenever a entity is part of a label and utilize this information in a game script.



  • List of entities belonging to current Label.
  • Click + to add new entries and then use picker to select entity from scene.


  • Each entity can be part of any number of Labels.
  • It is possible to constrain Trigger Zone to react only to entities with specific label.
  • It is possible to constrain Event Listener to listen events only on entities with specific Label.
  • Label collection is dynamic. It is possible to add/remove entities during play.
  • New entities assigned trough script are put at the end of the list.
  • Entities removed from the world (destroyed/exchanged for a corpse) will remove themselves from associated Labels automatically.
  • Any player after death/respawn is not removed from the world so he keeps himself in all associated Labels.

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