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Custom Function List



Client, Server, Custom Controller


Custom instruction is a standalone sequence designed to perform a particular task and can be called from anywhere within the script of currently edited object.


  • Any instruction which does not return any value is called a statement and any instruction that does is called an expression.
  • Any custom instruction consists of two parts - instruction definition and instruction call Instruction definition
  • Defines parameters and contents of custom instruction.
  • It is standalone script block - does not snap with other blocks.
  • To create new custom instruction, simply place new block anywhere in the canvas.
  • Name and parameters of a instruction can be edited via context menu (right click on block).
  • Parameters work as local variables and can be used inside the custom instruction.
  • Custom instruction can be terminated at any point by using the Return block. Instruction call
  • Executes the custom instruction, with defined parameters.
  • Can be placed in any sequence as any other instruction.
  • Custom instructions of Global Storage are considered global and are available within the entirety of the game script.
  • Custom instructions of Entity Storage are considered member and are available within the scope of the Storage Owner.