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Command Group Description Examples Only for #Commands / #Subcategories
Animations Commands used to work with animations. moveTime, animateSource 28
Arrays Commands used to manipulate arrays. append, select 36
Artillery All commands related to artilleries. commandArtilleryFire, getArtilleryAmmo Arma 3 8
AI Behaviour Commands used to modify the behaviour of the AI. setSkill, behaviour 20
Briefing Objectives, tasks and notes. createSimpleTask, createDiaryRecord 63
Broken Commands Commands that don't work as intended or are not implemented at all. echo, textLog 38
Camera Control Commands to manipulate the camera for intros, outros and cut-scenes. See also Camera Tutorial. Commands related to Eden Editor and Zeus camera are not listed here. See Command Group: Eden Editor and Command Group: Curator. camCreate, camSetDir 67
Config Commands for working with configs. configFile, >> 28
Containers Commands related to containers like backpacks and vests. vest, canAdd 46
Conversations bikb, topics, etc. kbTell, kbWasSaid. 8
Custom Panels Commands to handle custom panels. infoPanel, setInfoPanel Arma 3 8
Custom Radio and Chat Commands used to create or work with custom channels. radioChannelCreate, setCurrentChannel Take On Helicopters and Arma 3 8
Diagnostic (Diag) Commands helpful for diagnosing issues. diag_log, diag_fpsMin 52
Difficulty Commands to change the difficulty of the game. disableMapIndicators, difficultyOption 11
DLC DLC related commands. getDLCs, isDLCAvailable Arma 3 11
Dynamic Simulation Commands related to Arma 3: Dynamic Simulation. enableDynamicSimulationSystem, setDynamicSimulationDistance Arma 3 12
Eden Editor Commands to work with Eden Editor. get3DENCamera, get3DENSelected Arma 3 55
Environment Commands to manipulate the weather, time, date or traffic. setFog, date 66
Event Handlers Set, define and use Event Handlers. addEventHandler, displayAddEventHandler 48
Flags Commands that are used to work with flags. setFlagOwner, flagOwner 11
Game 2 Editor Commands related to the Game 2 Editor. updateObjectTree, fromEditor Not available 57
Groups Read and set group properties. formation, group 50
GUI Control Customize the look of dialogs and menus in the game. buttonAction, ctrlCreate 125 / 10
GUI Control - Controls Table Commands to manipulate CT_CONTROLS_TABLE controls. ctAddRow, ctClear Arma 3 19
GUI Control - Event Handlers Commands used to add Event Handlers to GUIs. For a full list of available event handlers see User Interface Event Handlers. displayAddEventHandler, displayRemoveAllEventHandlers Arma 3 9
GUI Control - HTML Commands to specifically change font settings of CT_HTML controls. ctrlSetFontH1, ctrlSetFontH2 22
GUI Control - ListNBox Commands to manipulate CT_LISTNBOX controls. lnbAddArray, lnbSetText 38
GUI Control - ListBox Commands to manipulate CT_LISTBOX controls. lbAdd, lbDelete 40
GUI Control - Map Commands to manipulate CT_MAP and CT_MAP_MAIN controls. drawArrow, ctrlMapAnimClear 22
GUI Control - Menu Commands to manipulate CT_MENU_STRIP, CT_MENU, CT_CONTEXT_MENU controls. menuAdd, menuAction Arma 3 27
GUI Control - Object Commands to manipulate CT_OBJECT, CT_OBJECT_ZOOM, CT_OBJECT_CONTAINER, CT_OBJECT_CONT_ANIM controls. ctrlModel, ctrlSetModel Arma 3 8
GUI Control - Positioning Commands to position controls. safeZoneH, ctrlSetPosition 28
GUI Control - Tree View Commands to manipulate CT_TREE controls. tvAdd, tvCollapse Arma 3 37
HashMap Commands related to HashMaps. createHashMapFromArray, getOrDefault Arma 3 19
High Command Commands for high command. hcAllGroups, onHCGroupSelectionChanged 27
Interaction On-screen messages, dialogs, menus. hint, showGPS 64
Leaderboards Leader board related scripting commands. leaderboardDeInit, leaderboardInit Arma 3 9
Lights Create, enable light sources on vehicles, terrain objects or lightpoints. setLightColor, enableGunLights 30
Localization Commands to work with localized text. isLocalized, diag_localized 5
Locations Create, define, use and manipulate locations. nearestLocation, setSize 31
Map Commands to work with the map. forceMap, mapGridPosition 14
Markers Set, define and use markers. createMarker, getMarkerType 49
Math General math related commands. Also see Command Group: Math - Geometry and Command Group: Math - Vectors. abs, + 40 / 2
Math - Geometry Commands closely related to geometry. intersect, distance 24
Math - Vectors Commands which work with vectors. vectorAdd, vectorUpVisual 28
Mission Information Read and set parameters for the current mission. addRating, score 40
Mods and Addons Commands that are used to get information about mods and addons. configSourceModList, configSourceMod 11
Multiplayer Commands that are specific to Multiplayer games. remoteExec, didJIP 77
Namespaces Commands related to Namespaces. missionNamespace, uiNamespace, setVariable 16
Object Detection Commands used to find certain objects. allUnits, nearestObjects 42
Object Manipulation Get or set various different properties of units, vehicles and other objects. createVehicle, setDamage 271
Particles Commands for working with particles. drop, particlesQuality 8
Performance Profiling Commands used to debug performance such as finding slow scripts. diag_captureFrame, logEntities 8
Pilot Camera Commands used to control a vehicles' pilotCamera. getPilotCameraTarget, hasPilotCamera Arma 3 10
Positions All commands which work with positions and heights. getPos, setPos 49
Program Flow Commands to define loops, conditions, and jumps inside scripts. forEach, execVM 49
Radio and Chat Control radio availability, chat messages and subtitles. enableRadio, systemChat 41
Remote Control Manipulate and connect to UAVs or remote control units. connectTerminalToUAV, remoteControl 21
Render Time Scope These scripting commands work in render time scope rather than simulation time scope. getDirVisual, visiblePosition 17
Roads and Airports All commands related to roads and airports. allAirports, roadAt 10
Ropes and Sling Loading Attach and detach ropes to objects, slingload and drop them. enableRopeAttach, ropes Arma 3, Take On Helicopters 23
RTD Commands related to the Arma 3: Advanced Helicopter Flight Model. collectiveRTD, throttleRTD Arma 3, Take On Helicopters 46
Sensors Commands to work with Arma 3: Sensors setVehicleReceiveRemoteTargets, vehicleReportRemoteTargets Arma 3 18
Sides Read and set unit affiliations. side, friendly 38
Sounds Control in-game sounds. fadeMusic, say 63
Stamina System Commands related to units stamina and fatigue. See Arma 3: Stamina. getStamina, setStamina Only Arma 3 except for forceWalk
and isForcedWalk.
Strings Commands to work with strings. in, toLower 41 / 1
Strings - Regular Expression Regular Expression (Regex) commands to manupilate strings. regexMatch, regexFind 3
Structured Text Commands which work with structured text. text, parseText 11
System Commands that deal with the game as a whole. benchmark, loadGame 86
Team Switch Everything to do with the Team Switch feature. enableTeamSwitch, onTeamSwitch 8
Teams Commands used to work with teams and team members. createTeam, members 22
Time Commands related to in-game time or system time. systemTimeUTC, timeMultiplier 14
Triggers Set, define and use Triggers and Event Handlers. createTrigger, triggerType 33
Turrets Commands which work with turrets. turretLocal, addWeaponTurret 31
Uncategorised Commands which have no defined category. should always be empty 0
Unit Control Controls the behaviour of your troops. action, setHideBehind 81
Unit Identity Commands used to change a unit's identity such as rank, voice and name. setFace, setUnitRank 19
Unit Inventory Commands related to an unit's inventory. For working with weapons and magazines, also see Command Group Weapons. assignItem, addGoggles 126
Variables Commands to handle variables. For example comparing two variables or retrieving all variables from a namespace. setVariable, isNull 62
Vehicle in Vehicle Transport. Commands related to Arma 3: Vehicle in Vehicle Transport. canVehicleCargo, vehicleCargoEnabled Arma 3 6
Vehicle Loadout Arma 3: Vehicle Loadouts related commands. getCompatiblePylonMagazines, getPylonMagazines Arma 3 9
Waypoints Commands to handle waypoints. addWaypoint, deleteWaypoint 63
Weapon Pool The Weapon Pool enables the player to use weapons from one mission in others. addMagazinePool, queryMagazinePool 14
Weapons Commands used to manipulate weapons. For example fire at a target or check if weapon is lowered. In order to retrieve a unit's or vehicle's weapon see Command Group: Unit Inventory and Command Group: Vehicle Inventory. addMagazine, weapons 51
Zeus (Curator) Setting up Zeus rules and interface. allCurators, curatorAddons Arma 3 44


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